Let’s discuss self-sabotage…

So…I’ve been playing it small and comfortable because of a fear of being society’s idea of successful so I avoid opportunities. Impacting people on a big scale can be…scary. What if I’m wrong? But what if I’m right? I absorb so much of people, and the idea can seem slightly overwhelming. I struggle with remaining genuine and authentic in an attempt to reach the masses. I never want my messages to feel forced.

As much as I want to do more, I do limit myself. Self-sabotage is a MOTHAFUCKA! I can say all day “I AM”, but when your human challenge is psychological, it becomes a bit harder than “we got the same 24 hours” (so save the ‘you can do its’ & listen). When you spend half your time throwing spiritual/emotional right hooks, & the other half trying to ground yourself, it can make you physically exhausted.

I am in a space of healing, researching, more healing, and understanding my spiritual purpose. Thanking the Most High for clarity for Cultural Kinks, focus, discipline, and courage.

In what ways have you contributed to self-sabotage? In what ways have you overcome it?

#BlackMentalHealth #CulturalKinks

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